Central North Island Iwi Holdings Limited


  • Stage 3 Manawhenua - Monday 9 August CNI Holdings to refer Kaingaroa to stage 3 adjudication.  Formal notification to Iwi and next steps will occur shortly the final appointment for an adjudication panel will begin soon.
  • Crown agreed proportion - CNI Holdings has agreed to defer any meeting with non CNI Iwi hapu.  A strategy to determine an allocation process for non CNI \ Crown 10% is planned for mid August.
  • NZUs - CNI Holdings has unanimously agreed to commercialise our collectively held NZU asset.  The distribution of profits is to be determined at a future date. 


CNI Iwi Holdings is the Trust which now holds in collective CNI Iwi ownership all Crown Forest Lands transferred to CNI Iwi Holdings as part of the CNI Settlement signed June 2009.
Currently the land is rented out to Kaingaroa Timberlands but from 1 October 2010 CNI Iwi will take over the responsibility for replanting the forest lands. 
Matthew Te Pou is the co-Chair and Director for Tūhoe on the CNI Iwi Holdings. 

Key Functions

The key functions of CNI Iwi Holdings Ltd are:
  • To receive the settlement assets – completed.
  • To distribute the settlement assets and any ongoing revenue from those assets (including annual rental income from Kaingaroa Timberlands) – ongoing.
  • To safeguard the land and ensure that it is never put at risk.

Mana Whenua Process

CNI Negotiation Process & Stages over Manawhenua Interests for Kaingaroa

Principles of Process
The CNI collective is committed to the Iwi deciding upon the allocation of CNI Forests lands for themselves, on their own terms and answerable to one another.
The CNI Collective acknowledge their commitment to aresolution process that;
  • Enhances and promotes the mana and integrity of all iwi and

  • Is open and transparent; and 

  • Promotes whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and kotahitanga amongst the Iwi and;

  • Recognizes the desirability of post settlement collaboration between them in the collective management of assets.

Three Stage Process Stage One  Stage Two  Stage Three 
Purpose of each stage Iwi to Indentify their Manawhenua Interests
Iwi to consult Kanohi ki te Kanohi their manawhenua interests and any overlapping issues
Finalising Allocation Agreement 
Time lines per stage 1 July 2009 – 1 October 2009  1 October 2-009 – 30 June 2010  1 July 2010 – 30 June 2011 

The Tūhoe Approach

Tātau Ka Toa provides an overview of the Tūhoe approach to the Kaingaroa. 
Together with Ngāti Tūwharetoa and Ngāti Rangitihi, the Tūhoe view is that:
  • Kaingaroa lands should remain in collective Kaingaroa Iwi title.
  • Kaingaroa land is shared land and all Kaingaroa Iwi have equal mana whenua interests.
  • In this instance individualisation of Kaingaroa land should not be condoned by Kaingaroa Iwi.
  • The benefits from and obligations to Kaingaroa are best served by collective arrangement and enterprise. 
  • This Allocation Agreement complies with the requisite 35 year period only and that future arrangements are a matter for that generation.