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Tūhoe Medical Centres

Tūhoe has held customary rights to kaimoana from the mouth of the Ōhiwa harbour through to Ahiaua pipi beds for hundreds of years. Traditionally our people would traverse Te Urewera through Waimana, Nukuhou and come out near Kutarere and settle there for a short time during summer to gather kaimoana.

Like most relationships, our interactions with neighbouring Iwi Whakatohea and Ngati Awa would ebb and flow between tension and harmony. Usually it was reciprocal, and Tūhoe hapū and whānau would bring kai from Te Urewera in exchange for gathering kai moana.

No pikipiki mai, no hekeheke atu

Tūhoe lived in a series of nurturing relationships with the land as with the people. The above whakatauki conveys that despite the passing generations, the bounty of Ohiwa remains a shared space abundant for all, holding more than just memories of war.

For Tūhoe today, our way of looking after the kaimoana from the Ōhiwa pataka kai is through Tūhoe Fisheries Quota Limited. The Fish quota system helps guide sustainable fishing practices and ensures the kaimoana we gather is replenishing for future generations. These days, the Ōhiwa pataka kai is used for feeding people at a tanihana. When a tanihana occurs, a whānau member informs their Tribal Authority of the circumstances and a koha of 20kg of fish is gifted.  

For more information on Kaimoana and Sustainability– CLICK HERE (see attached)

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Open Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 4.30pm
To enrol or make an appointment phone:
07 312 9159, or call in at 22 Tūhoe Street, Tāneatua.

Te Waimana Medical Centre 

Open every Monday:  8.45am to 3.45pm 
To enrol or make an appointment phone:
 07 312 3296, or call in at 10 Rāroa Road, Waimana.


To access after-hours medical care, phone your local Tūhoe Medical Centre first. Your call will be automatically diverted to an experienced Triage Nurse who will assess your problem, give advice, and call an ambulance if necessary. The phone service will help you to decide what action to take. If you have a life-threatening condition dial 111.



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