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The Annual Priorities

The Board declared at its inaugural September meeting the Annual Priorities for Te Urewera which apply through to 31 March 2015. They are the following;

a) Effect the Te Urewera Act and personality of Te Urewera.

- Transition from a National Park Act regime to the new Te Urewera Act environment

- Develop recommendations for any visitor asset restructure required.

b) Pursue Biosphere Reserve status

- Undertake an analysis of whether the Biosphere Reserve status accords and promotes Te Urewera, this will include a clear implementation pathway.

c) The Integrity of natural and cultural values

- Determine the set of existing operational programmes that need to remain for the next 12 months.

Tūhoe and the Department of Conservation are working on developing an operational relationship to establish an operational plan to implement these priorities.

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