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A New Year at Te Tii
12 January 2018
What an incredible year it has been at Te Tii in Ruatāhuna. Six out of seven buildings are well on their way to being complete; the seventh being the public laundry and wharepaku building which can only start once the fuel tank is in the ground! A total of 20 dedicated and talented local residents have contributed to where we’ve gotten to on site and local marae have hosted those travelling in from out of town.
There are only three months until the doors open to this exciting new facility. Inside, the focus is finishing off internal construction work and setting up the various businesses. Outside, the focus is shaping new landscape, planting, installing the wastewater treatment system, fuel station, roading and solar panels.
Below is a view from Ruatāhuna Road showing the two main buildings which are connected by a pre-fabricated timber canopy:
01. Front view small
The canopy will create a covered courtyard between the two buildings, providing a place for people to meet and spend sheltered time outdoors;
02. Canopy 2 small
Native planting and maintenance continues wherever our team can access an area that needs planting;
03. Native planting small
The café area is coming along, with some wall linings still to install;
04. Cafe small
There will be a great outlook from the café through large windows;
05. Cafe small

The general store has plenty of space to stock what locals and visitors need;

06. General store small

As does the rural store;

07. Rural store small

The Tribal Office is ready for a ceiling, paint and flooring; 

08. Tribal Office small

As is the case for the room and meeting rooms;

09. Hui room small

The chalets are the furthest along; with some painting, floor covering, and kitchen and bathroom equipment to install;

10. Chalet front view small

Once the water from the recent storm is pumped out of this hole…

11. Fuel tank hole small

The fuel tank will be installed;

12. Fuel tank small

It’s going to be an awesome three months of construction, followed by an exciting year as Te Tii becomes operational. We look forward to sharing it with you!


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4 years ago Kathryn Graham

Kia ora, I’m hoping to plan a trip back to Ruatahuna in November. I lived in the village there with my parents in the 70’s and went to Huiarau School. Is the accomodation now open at Te Tii? I was hoping to rediscover my roots as an adult.. do you have any recommendations?

4 years ago Jocelyn Rika-Simpkins (jnr).

Awesome. It looks great I cannot wait to see the finished product. I'm coming for a visit and possible stay when it finished. Wow keep up the good work.

4 years ago Anthony Jordan

You guy's are so awesome. An isolated community working together and creating something so unique. It's a credit to you all. I remember when Ruatahuna still had its own post office, a cool little village to stop at on the way through to Wairoa. Will there be a 24/7 coffee machine? Lol look forward to completion, be cool to see some history of buildings first on that sight to present

4 years ago Mark Ford

What a great project. Will be over when it is completed. Will bring back so many good memories. cant wait.

4 years ago Te Taute

Te pai here i na mahi nei.

4 years ago Nicholas Matepo Waiariki

Awesome stuff, install public toilets and showers, camper dumping tanks and rubbish bins too

4 years ago Val Waiariki

Look forward to seeing it all so excited 👍.Home is where my heart is.