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Tribal Response

Tribal Response



Our marae are now operating whārua – mārua kaupapa to support the whole hāpori, inlaws, outlaws, neighbours, businesses, non Tūhoe – te katoa, everyone living within nā whārua.


Starting to feel those symptoms, then testing can be accessed directly in the whārua. Health Care Assistants will be rostered to set times as regularly as possible. Tribal’s will notify of times. This way we can concentrate the necessary safety and PPE controls at that place.


Our runners, our carers, our shoppers, our picker uppers, our informers, our educators. Haumaru whānau, helping set up isolation spaces for you, pick up shopping while you can’t, keeping a watchful eye out, where your whānau cannot.


Our Pataka kai will be able to offer cooked kai for whānau who become unwell through COVID and the wider whānau is too far away to do that. Or if some whānau suffer from loss of income as a result of having to isolate. No need for you to organise, our aim is that your connector and haumaru teams will get straight on to that. And for all of our whānau that may be a bit worried about heading into the towns, our marae or local supermarket (Te Tii or Waimana) will stock the essentials, we’ll organise our own click and collect so you can buy directly from the marae and pickup. We won’t have all the luxury items but that flour and tea bag we will. This will help whānau do their bit if COVID spread starts getting a bit carried away and restricting movement may be needed from time to time.


Our isolation marae have studied all the rules!  Spaces and kawa for isolation is all underway.  From mid December we’ll be ready.  So for whānau who do not want to risk infection spread in the home, or don’t want to upset testing time frames and restart the isolation 14 day clock – marae are available for you.  Whether that’s for 1 night or 14.  If you’re able, bring your blankets, towel and a bit of kai – enari there’ll be enough to go around. 


Ok, don’t tell them, they hate it when we fuss, but we are kind of worried about our pākeke with COVID.  So if they are needing some time out, it could be that the household might be having manuhiri and you wouldn’t want any worries there, pākeke can move to safe space, to kapu tī with the wider whānau.  Or if a whānau member becomes a close contact or positive case and the whānau would prefer for their pākeke to isolate away for their safety, then our marae will worry about them for you.  Strict safety protocols will apply here.  


Are for COVID positive whānau and their Close Contacts:
  • Welfare Supports is the team of Tribal Connectors that will want to make sure that you are okay to get through your journey with COVID and also to support you through your loss of freedom while you are being asked to isolate.
  • These will be developed directly with whānau when you are notified as being COVID positive.
  • For whānau enrolled with a Tūhoe Medical Centre, the notification, health and supports needs will be worked through and delivered on as one.
  • The Medical Officer or the Public Health Unit is delegating the role of notifying you, that you are COVID positive to the Iwi.  This means that the Iwi can include the Medical Centre and the Tribal Supports all in one kōrero.
  • That notification and ‘assessment’ of needs kōrero is private and confidential.  We are all obligated to manage the chain of privacy strictly and will need your permission to respond as you direct.