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Get Covid Ready

Get Covid Ready

tēnā koe covid

so you are here

Don't be boastful of the havoc you bring

Some deem you powerful and mighty

But we, Tūhoe, are undaunted

The anticipation of your swift movement through Te Urewera means we are applying all the necessary actions to prepare and protect our whānau, hapū and whārua from COVID-19 - both the Delta and Omicron variants.

  • Whare are actively building care plans for their whānau to help Get Ready and Get Smart for time spent with Covid
  • Whānau are thinking about their Medical, Physical and Mental Health and any General needs they may have. 
  • Hapū and Marae in Te Urewera are operating as part of their Tribal COVID response. 
  • Tūhoe Medical Centres are enabling access to Testing, Vaccinations, Boosters and Information.



whare plan

Whānau, use the list below to kōrero and work out how ready you are to deal with COVID. Then, make a plan for your whare.
  1. Make Your Plan
  2. Get What You Need in Your Plan
  3. Share Your Plan
  4. Reach Out

care plan

Whānau, understand the standard of care you will need to prepare for COVID. Prepare yourself for when you catch COVID by having a plan.

  • The Medical front
  • The Health front
  • The Mental Fitness front
  • The General front


Know what your Tribal Response entails and which Hapū and Marae are supporting the delivery of this.

  • Isolation and Respite Needs
  • Welfare Supports
  • Haumrau Base
  • Pātaki Kai
  • Communications, Testing, Health Checks

Tūhoe medical centres

Tūhoe Medical Centres and teams are dedicated to enabling access to COVID Information, Vaccination and Boosters.

  • Drop-in Clinic
  • Mobile Clinic
  • Pop-up Clinics