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Te Urewera Trip Report


Te urewera trip report

We require everyone who visits Te Urewera to fill in a trip report. The purpose is to have the correct information to contact trace COVID-19 if needed. Please take the time to read and understand our new COVID-19 safety measures here.

who needs to fill it in?

- Anyone visiting Te Urewera. If you are part of a group visiting Te Urewera, the group lead is responsible for filling out the form. 

- Day trippers

- Hunters

- Trampers

- Fishers

- Boaties

HOw to fill it in?

Please fill in the form below. This needs to be sent before your trip or within 24 hours after your trip. We acknowledge that changing weather can make it hard to accurately pre-plan trips but we need the info ASAP to allow rapid response contact tracing if needed.


Are you a machine? If not please enter nothing in here:
Full name of group lead*
Full names of all parties in group*
Full address of group lead*
Contact phone number of group lead*
Licence plate number for vehicle used on your trip to Te Urewera*
Date Entering Te Urewera*
Date Leaving Te Urewera*
Location(s) visited in Te Urewera*
Facilities used, list all huts, toilet blocks contacted eg. Te Pakau campground toilets*

know before you go

Have the right permit

- Ensure you have the right hunting permit before heading into Te Urewera.See Permission for Hunting and Permission for Hunting with Pig Dogs to apply. Permits applied for prior to lockdown that have not expired are still valid. Te Urewera Board has permitted an extra 100 permits for the next two weeks, followed by a review.

- Due to COVID-19, TUT planned delivery of Kiwi Aversion Training was cancelled this year, only those with current valid avian aversion certificates can apply for a pig hunting permit. 

- Pig dog permits can only be issued from Te Uru Taumatua and the Waikaremoana officeThese premises will reopen on Monday 18 May. Ring us first to arrange a day and time to bring your dog in, bookings essential. 


HUT guidelines

At bookable huts numbers are limited to no more than 10. Come prepared to self-sufficiently camp out (if there are others in the hut, and you cant social distance).

- Be prepared to self-sufficiently camp out, especially at non-bookable huts.

BYO antiviral disinfectant, soap/sanitizer, and cleaning equipment.

- Clean surfaces of all facilities when you arrive and when you leave. Clean any shared surfaces regularly. Pack-out used cleaning materials.

- Use an antiviral disinfectant and follow the instructions. Surfaces will need about 10 seconds soaking with the disinfectant for it to work.


Good disinfectants to look out for are things that contain hypochlorite (which is the main active ingredient in bleach) or activated hydrogen peroxide (0.5%). Others may contain benzalkonium chloride, though some studies have shown this is less effective against coronaviruses. You could also just use conventional bleach (at 0.1-0.2% available chlorine  check the back of your bottle) in water. Or use ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits. All of these are toxic to the environment so pack-out all materials including paper towels. Be mindful of what kind of surface you are disinfecting though. Please follow any instructions, and definitely don’t mix disinfectants together as you could end up with all sorts of dangerous chemical reactions happening.

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