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Maori Law Review Special Issue - The Tuhoe-Crown Settlement
1 October 2014

This special issue of the Maori Law Review focuses on the settlement of Tuhoe's historic Treaty claims. This is a remarkable settlement in many ways.

First, there is the history of Tuhoe-Crown relations. As Dr Vincent O'Malley identifies in this issue, this is a history that has been marked by Tuhoe assertions of mana motuhake and often brutal Crown action directed at eroding Tuhoe autonomy. However, the subsequent confiscations and later land-takings along with the failure to implement the provisions of the 1896 agreement between Tuhoe and the Crown that would have recognised Tuhoe's internal autonomy, also underminded Tuhoe's self-determination. Through this settlement, the Crown and Tuhoe are confronting this history.

Articles in this special issue:

Historical background  - Dr Vincent O'Malley

Te Wharehou o Tuhoe: THe house that 'we' built - Professor Rawinia Higgins

Tuhoe Claims Settlement Act 2014; Te Urewera report of the Waitangi Tribunal - Dr Carwyn Jones

Te Urewera Act 2014 - Dr Jacinta Ruru

A transforming dawn? The Service Management Plan - Mamari Stephens

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