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The Board appoints Advisory Committees that enable expert technical advice into the Boards’ decision making and can also provide added scrutiny or improve strategic performance. 

The Board has established two independent advisory committees, the Investment Committee and Te Komiti Whāiti A Whakapapa A Tanata (the Whakapapa Committee).

The investment committee

The Te Uru Taumatua Board is in charge of a significant investment portfolio.  Its mission is to act in the long-term interests of and for the benefit of Tūhoe through prudent management of the Tūhoe Trust Fund.  

The Investment Committee is responsible to the Board for the day to day over-sight of the Tūhoe Trust Fund.  A Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (SIPO) which sets out the roles, functions, objectives, asset allocation and strategies of the Trust is developed and reviewed annually by the Investment Committee.

Meet the Investment Committee:

Sir Dr Michael Cullen, Chairman.  Michael holds directorhisp roles with the New Zealand Post Bank, Kiwibank, Chariman of TOI EDA the economic development agency for Bay of Plenty Economic development strategy.

Murray Nash. Murray advises on strategy, public policy, economic, financial risk management and has held various technical expert positions in Treasury, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Tāmati Kruger. Tāmati is the chairman of Tūhoe Te Uru Taumatua, and was the Tūhoe chief negotiator for the treaty settlement. A recognised authority in Te Reo Māori and customary practices. Tāmati has worked in tribal research and development for many years.

Ian Dickson. Ians' career includes nine years int he New Zealand Government Treasury, thirteen years in the capital markets and fifteen years as a financial and economic consultant.

Aaron Hing. Aaron has held Head of Advice and Head of Research roles at some of New Zealands largest investment planning firms for the past 25 years.


Te Komiti Whāiti A Taona A Tanata (the Whakapapa Committee) has obligations to the Board under section 9 of the Te Uru Taumatua Trust Deed.  The purpose of the Whakapapa Committee is to provide recommendations to the Board on:

1.       Verification and removal of membership to the Iwi register

2.       Care and protection of Te Whare Puri

3.       Advice on matters related to Tūhoe tikana

In addition this Committee provides operational advice and direction to the Heritage team within Anamata.

Meet the Whakapapa Committee:

  • Te Tokawhakaea Tēmara
  • Cliff Akuhata
  • Taane Rakuraku
  • Magan Kalan
  • Rongonui Tahi
  • Nikora Taipeti
  • Lance Winitana

Iwi Registration

The purpose of Iwi Registration is to build the Tūhoe nation by registering in a central place the descendants of Tūhoe tipuna Tūhoe or Potiki and those who affiliate to a Tūhoe Marae and Tūhoe Hapū.  Your Iwi Register is based on Tūhoe whānau and Tūhoe hapū.